Fun fact, if you go on Twitter and search for the hashtag #relationship, I have no idea how many results you’ll get because I lost faith in humanity so quickly that I stopped reading after about four tweets. But it’s not all bad. Some of the better relationship tweets are actually quite funny, like these!

Enjoy these ten relationship tweets we can all relate to.

10. Who’s in charge?

This isn’t the type of connection I was envisioning but OK.

9. Time and time again

If he’s not willing to hop in a Tardis and time travel back to this moment in some sort of Whovian romantic gesture, is it even worthwhile?

8. Put a wring on it

Soak up this advice before taking that big step.

7. No good reason

Sometimes ya just got problems.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

6. Deep questions

Welcome to the next several hours of your life.

5. Tight lips sink ships

You’ve just opened up a new thing.

4. The “I’m not a catch”-22

How do I manage these awful magic tricks?

3. The cold shoulder

Press F in the chat to pay respects to Club Penguin.

2. Love languages

I care so little that I’m taking the time to tell you all about it.

1. New openings

Oh the stupid, stupid games we play with each other.

Dating is tricky, but we’ll always have the internet to commiserate with us. They’ll always be there. And that’s the kind of commitment that I need.

What piece of relationship advice do you wish you’d been given in the past?

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