We’re all using a lot more video conferencing these days, and that can be a tremendous convenience or a huge pain. It’s definitely resulting in some pretty interesting moments, though.

People all over the internet are sharing their stories and takes on the new normal of remote meetings, and all its glorious chaos. Check out a few examples in tweet form:

10. There are no flattering angles

9. Every juror would be low key drinking a beer

8. Fate accepted

7. The tyranny of pants is over


6. Don’t be that person

5. Probably not effective communication

4. This is fine?

3. Nobody likes a show-off

2. Hell, I might be commando

1. It’s a glamorous life

Remember everybody, mute your mic if you’re not talking for a while, high angles are more flattering than low ones, and for god sake, don’t tap on your desk.

How’s your experience with video meetings been?

Share the disasters in the comments.