Have you had one of those days where nothing quite seems to be going right, either in your personal world or the world at large? Yeah. We get it. So does most of the internet, as it turns out. Luckily, there are clever Twitter personalities out there who are able to turn their confusion, frustration, and bewilderment with this wild world into funny tweets and tidbits for us to laugh at, pass around, and enjoy!

Here are 10 tweets for anybody who’s feeling like the world needs to make more sense.

10. Snooze control

Installing system update…this may take several hours…

9. Punctuated personality

As. Per. My. Last. MESSAGE!

8. Sick burn

This is rightest propaganda and I will continue using lower left ’till the day I die.


7. Gotta get down on fries day

Harvard professors need to mind their own damn business.

6. High, high hydrant

Ironically, they’re a lot like icebergs in this way.


5. Legal loopholes

Maybe this is why consecutive life sentences exist.

4. Flat out freaky

As an arachnophobe, I’d like to announce that I will never be leaving my house again.

3. Stop me in my tracks

I refuse to believe this. Those are obviously just really tiny people.

2. Take a peek

Who watches the watch man?

1. Kiss up

This is proof that 2Pac is still alive and that he loves us very much.

The world probably doesn’t make a whole lot more sense after all those, in fact it probably makes even less, but at least we’re laughing now. Thanks Twitter!

Who are your favorite people on Twitter right now?

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