It’s easy for us jaded souls to feel pretty salty about relationships. Usually this would be the part of the intro where I’d pivot to some sort of “But look on the bright side, yada yada yada” thing, but in this case, no. I’m just sticking with the first sentence. We’re here. We’re salty. Get used to it.

None of us are in this alone, either, which I guess given the topic at hand is…ironic? There are plenty of people standing with you in salty solidarity (saltidarity), and they’ve got lots to say about it. Here are 10 tweets from people who are fed up with all the relationship drama.

10. Out on the line

You should tag them all.

9. Tried and true

Can’t get your heart broken if you never meet anyone.

8. Catty

Hey all you cool cats and kittens.

7. Spare change

I’ve NEVER understood why this is a public feed.

6. It’s not “ha ha” funny

I will sign this man’s petition.

5. Put it away

The responsible way to fall apart.

4. Dog pile

I don’t like bad guys, I like good bois.

3. The search continues

It’s gotta be down there somewhere…

2. Bullsh*t

Run run run, as fast as you can.

1. Not a single one

Hey, this is fair.

Hope those were funny enough to make you feel a little better about your own situation. We may be mad, but at least we’re mad together. There are dozens of us. Dozens!

How are you feeling about your love life lately?

Feel free to vent it out in the comments.