Restaurant jobs are hard. They’re rough. Having worked them a bunch is sort of a badge of honor – it’s like the military service of the job market.

And who better to complain about that sort of thing in a funny way than the people of Twitter, who are serving up a steaming hot entree of sass with a side of “tip me 20%+ or go home, you cheap jerks.”

Let’s get to the tweets.

10. Boxed in

I worked at a pizza chain once and I got so good at folding the boxes I might have been some sort of world record holder.

9. Mr. Otis

It really does break all boundaries.

8. On the line

Look, I didn’t become a cook to cook food.

7. Dead serious

We can all hope for such miracles, and one day they may come.

6. On the mat

“But I heard they use chemicals.”

5. To the extreme

How can a person even have that kind of mental focus and persistence of memory?

4. Open for business

For you? Never. Get in here, ya big lug.

3. Sorry not sorry

I almost never get angry with the representative I’m talking to, I know that if there’s bullsh*t happening it is almost certainly not their fault.

2. Cold storage

In here, no one can hear you sob.

1. By the way

Just a fair warning you should probably order now, or five minutes ago, or just leave.

Here’s to all our heroes out there making it happen. We appreciate ya.

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