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It’s summertime? I guess? Allegedly? I don’t know because I’ve spent literally this entire year sitting at my desk in my home office ordering pallets of Cheez-Its on Instacart. However, I did just look out my window and confirm that there’s sun and green trees and such, so I’m happy to confirm that Summer was not entirely cancelled this year.

It sure isn’t an easy one, though, as these tweets clearly demonstrate. Enjoy and commiserate with these 10 funny tidbits from internet strangers.

10. Fun in the sun

New reason, same result.

9. Malaise

THIS is how you reach out to a loved one.

8. Rank and file

We’ve resorted to taking sides in animal debates.

7. Living lavishly

What is this “leave the house” you speak of?

6. Old moon

Slowest. Timelapse. Ever.

5. Back in the swing

These are the simple joy/stresses we’ve forgotten.

4. Tent-ative travel plans

Can’t bring a shampoo bottle on, but you can do this, apparently.

3. Changing standards

Seriously it’s not that hard.

2. Slideshow

Do you even joke, bro?

1. Son of the Mask

Her talent makes his voice like…1% more palatable.

So, that’s where these folks are at. We’re all doing what we can. Remember to stay safe out there, don’t go crazy, make sure you’re registered to vote, and get off social media once in a while, yeah? Despite the fact that it gives us a lot of gems like these.

How are you holding up right now? What are you doing to keep yourself going?

Tell us all about it in the comments.