Good morning! Afternoon? Thursday? …December?

Honestly, I’m having a hard time telling what day it is anymore, good thing I’ve got all these tweets to keep me company.

No matter what’s happening in the world, Twitter soldiers on, creating things for us to laugh at and wish we’d thought of them first.

Enjoy this round up of a few random funny tweets, and forget your troubles for a while.

10. Isolate in style

9. If anything I’m sweating more now

8. A catastrophic date

7. Just bear with him a moment

6. But are they getting buff?

5. He’s like a soothing roller coaster

4. It’s a killer holiday

3. It needs my help

2. It’s the least they could do right now

1. Good boys in the outfield

There, that passed some time. How long? 3 minutes? 10? October? We may never know.

Who’s your favorite twitter person right now?

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