How’s your day going so far? Have you checked off a bunch of your to-do items? Gotten some things to eat, done some work, a house chore or two? Have you taken a shower? Have you let the dog out? Have you looked at a bunch of funny tweets? YOU HAVEN’T?! Well, we need to get that fixed right away. We could hardly call this a productive day otherwise.

Here are 10 funny tweets to check off your list!

10. We live in a society

I don’t know if you’ve seen the world lately, but there’s bunches of people. Like, everywhere.

9. Level one

We’re gonna die so many times to the final boss.

8. Super sweet

What? I’m just incredibly cold all the time, that’s all.

7. Roll out

I’ve heard the British handle this by slapping their legs and saying “Right.”

6. Painful contractions

Has grammar gone too far?

5. That poison

Why do we even have that level?

4. Hot and spicy

Sounds like a restaurant I’d very much like to visit.

3. Water world

Dry land is not a myth! I’ve seen it!

2. The circle of life

I think if this happens you shouldn’t be charged a bill.

1. In summary

Haha, made you look.

Alright! Now we can mark down that we’ve gotten our daily dose of Twitter. Really that’s the most important thing on the to-do list most days, so congratulations! You’ve earned a break.

Maybe chill for a while. Spend some time scrolling through Twitter.

Who are you following right now?

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