There are some questions that we may never be able to answer.

Questions that, despite our insatiable appetite for knowledge and our dogged determination to investigate, may simply elude us for as long as we are we. Questions such as, “How exactly did the universe begin?” “Are there others out there like us?” “What is the nature of consciousness?” and “Why do these memes exist?”

These are conundrums inside puzzles inside riddles inside dreams. And though we may never fully understand them, that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Examine these memes for yourself, and see if you can determine why they are here.

10. Drawing the line

When Justice calls, he zones it.

9. Long and elegant

They must have a good electrician on site because that thing is well hung.

8. Bon appetit

Ah, this. I don’t like this.

7. Toying with emotions

You are a sad, strange little man.

6. Crutch in clutch

Gotta have those kicks no matter what.

5. Catch up with the times

This is done in defiance of God himself.

4. Did what work?

Seriously, what was the goal here?

3. Unsolved mysteries

Who needs sleep anyway?

2. Heavy sleeper

I don’t put up with nobody’s sheet.

1. Aquatic pride

Isn’t the other major Christian symbol a fish anyway?

Who made these? Why are they here? What purpose could they possibly serve? We certainly don’t know yet. But maybe…one day…it will all become clear.

What’s your favorite place to investigate memes?

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