In the mood for some weird, wild stories from the one and only Tumblr? You remember Tumblr… the site that sold to WordPress for a measly $1M dollars… 6 years after Yahoo acquired it for $1.1 BILLION dollars.

Oh… how time flies and money evaporates.

In any event, Tumblr still is home to some amazingly hilarious stories, so check these out. They’re all pretty wacky.


1. Good old Savannah!

Always breaking out those god damned oranges!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

2. New role model

I mean, if you’re going to rob anywhere… rob a museum.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

3. Channel One

Maybe it’s better that way? Simpler, right?

Photo Credit: Tumblr

4. I did it! I really did it!

Dad didn’t believe me… but I showed him!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

5. Crickets… crickets everywhere.

It’s sooooo hard to get rid of these things. Omfg…

Photo Credit: Tumblr

6. What in the actual f**k?!?

I mean… I might just be a blog. Who knows, right?

Photo Credit: Tumblr

7. I like this story

That is technically a “cute meet”… just an almost violent one.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

8. This sounds awesome

84 detentions in one day? That’s insane!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

9. Hahahaha, god damned eye doctor!

“You just had the moment, didn’t you?”

Photo Credit: Tumblr

10. Wow wow wow wow wow

I mean, that is some passive aggressive s**t!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

11. Fierce power

I mean… what could go wrong with a huge vat of hot wax?

Photo Credit: Tumblr

12. Trolled

“Yeah, that’s Brenda.”

Photo Credit: Tumblr

That is some weird, wild stuff… right?

Tell us which one of these stories made you laugh the most!

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