For most women, being pregnant is an experience they wouldn’t change. That said, there are plenty of women who also wouldn’t call the experience enjoyable, exactly, and who are only willing to do it a limited number of times.

Apparently, though, there are women out there who can’t get enough – they’re addicted not to having children, but to actually being pregnant. 

If you’re curious what that looks like and why, these 10 women are spilling all.

10. This is very selfless and giving.

I don’t think I could ever do it, myself.

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9. Do they really share it, though?

I’m not trying to be mean, it just is.

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8. Those are two different things.

You can’t have one without the other, usually.

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7. The kicking is pretty amazing.

For me it was one of the best parts.

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6. It is a great shared experience.

If you have a supportive partner.

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5. Now she’s being pregnant for other people.

To each their own!

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4. At least she’s doing good with it.

That’s gotta be the best case scenario.

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3. It’s the thinking of little else that gets me.

Like, that kind of sounds like a problem.

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2. All the time seems a bit extreme.

I’m just saying.

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1. Once you know, you can’t un-know.

But you have to wait for the right time, too.

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Wow, y’all. I honestly had no idea.

Did you love being pregnant? Would you keep doing it if you could? Tell us why or why not in the comments!