It’s five o’clock somewhere, but we all know you can’t actually clock out until it’s closing time where you live.

If that fact alone is getting you down today, we’ve got just the cure – 10 workplace memes that will make you realize that everyone else has it just as bad as you do!

10. It’s best to keep things simple.

9. We really don’t have anything else to discuss.

8. It’s a delicate balance.

7. This is not a dramatization.

6. Lying is an important job skill.

5. Did I say that out loud?

4. I do not trust this at all.

3. That’s what’s known as having no good options.

2. Two days later…

1. That’s definitely not the same thing.

We’re all in this together, right? So put your head down, read your memes, and watch the clock. It will be closing time eventually!

What’s your favorite way to pass the time at work? Please share your tips in the comments!