Who did the 10 Year challenge? *raises hand*

For those who live under a rock, the 10 Year Challenge recently sprouted up on all social media sites, inducing Twitter and Instagram. People lined up their 2009 photos against 2019 and asked: “How have 10 years changed me?”

The resulting pics show that some changed a lot, while some stayed basically the same.

10. From karate instructor to actor.

9. Working out paid off.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @maxthieriot

8. Ditching the emo.

Photo Credit: Distractify

7. Getting MORE awesome.

Photo Credit: Distractify

6. Did Pharrell get younger?

Photo Credit: Distractify

5. WOW! She hasn’t changed a bit!

Photo Credit: Distractify

4. Same hair, same face, more facial hair.

Photo Credit: Distractify

But some found the 10 years to be more…um…well, keep going.

3. Aging like a garbage can

2. Really she’s 70 years older.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @LenaArmas

1. Yep. I feel that.

How did your 10 years pan out?