Real talk… it takes A LOT of work to raise a kid by yourself. Well, at least raise them right. So all of our respect to the single moms out there (and single dads… but this post isn’t about you).

Yes, it’s super hard raising a kid by your lonesome, and sometimes that takes you out of the dating pool for unfair reasons.

These 11 guys share the reasons why they just can’t bring themselves to date single moms…

1. Yeah, now THIS is a good reason.

Ugh… I can’t even imagine.

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2. Yep, this is a heartbreaker!

It’s tough getting close to kids that aren’t yours.

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3. Priorities first!

You have to take care of yourself. Truth.

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4. Not a bad reason!

If you know you don’t want to sign up for that, better to be honest.

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5. Money talks and bulls**t walks!

And hey… just because people get divorced doesn’t mean they’re losers. Come on…

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6. Jesus… H… Christ!

Now that is a despicable take. Gross.

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7. Honesty is the best policy!

If you’re not into being a dad… don’t become a dad. Even by dating.

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8. Yeah, not cool.

I’m sure you could find a non-judgmental single mom, goofball.

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9. Make sure you take care of you FIRST!

Sometimes it does come down to maturity.

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10. Now, this guy is a jerk…

Anybody who starts a sentence with the words, “I find it amusing…” is an a**hole.

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11. Gotta earn that respect bro!

Kids aren’t automatically going to think you’re awesome.

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So now that we’ve read those confessions… what do you think?

Do these guys have decent reasons? At least a few of them? Or are they selfish pricks?

Maybe you want to share your reasons?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!