If you want to make it through your 20s, you need a wide variety of friends that can help you out.

Some of them help you have fun, some of them are there when you need them and some, well, they’re kind of garbage friends, but it’s still nice that they’re around.

Here are the essential buds you need in your life so that your 20s run smooth as motherfucking silk.

1. The Errand Runner

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You want to minimize those impulse purchase? You need a shopping buddy… stat!

2. Ms Bad Influence

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TBH, this friend is only good for the first half of your twenties. And they better not be somebody you’re sexually interested in, otherwise you are DEFINITELY going to f*ck them. A lot.

And if you’re still into having Ms. Bad Influencer in your life in the back half of your twenties, you’re both probably alcoholics.

AA anybody?

3. The s^x Goddess

In this hookup culture, having a more sexually-experienced friend is absolutely essential. And hey, if the ribald conversations get too blue… you can always call in “The Bad Influence” to run interference.

4. The Checker Inner

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Honestly, this is kind of a garbage friend because they’re not really there for you. And do they really care about your well-being? Hmmmm, well, at least they pretend. And sometimes that’s nice. I guess. Whatever.

5. The Editor-in-Chief

Always just keep this friend at the ready because they could be just the thing to just make any text, email or cover letter all better.

Just saying…

6. The Detective

Whenever it’s time to do recon on your possible new boytoy/fuckbuddy/friend… this gal is your baroness in dark web armor.

7. The Illusionist

I have no pity for those of you out there that wants somebody to lie to you.

Your hair is greasy bish. WASH IT!

8. The Photographer

They know how to do it for the gram. And that is more valuable than gold!

Okay, we’d take the gold instead, but this is still valuable.

9. The One Who Knows You’re Awful

Yeah, they know your secrets, but they won’t judge you. Actually, they’re more likely agree with you and carry all your secrets to their grave.

Thank god… because that is a large bag of no no.

10. The Awkward One

They have no empathy, so they don’t know why you’re crying, but that’s okay because they’re still there helping you out anyway…

11. The Bold One

“Ummm, excuse me waitress. You got her order wrong. Could we fix this? Thank you.”

God damn you’re the best.

Thank you Bold One!