Sometimes, funny texts have a way of brightening our day at exactly the right time.

You’re down and out and then BOOM, you get a good one from a friend. And that means they are a TRUE friend… because those are the ones that text… not call.

Or maybe someone forwards you a really ridiculous one that makes you shake your head and laugh. You know, like a meme. Or a nude. Whatevs.

Here are some funny text message exchanges that we think you’ll enjoy, so sit back and kick your feet up.

It’s funny time!

1. A lot of this going around.

Time to play with the toilet again…

2. Still laughing.

Shot down in a hurry!

3. There’s a virus?

He clearly has his act together.

4. Get it together, Mom.

Funny for us, though!

5. What is that?

A nice gesture…I guess…

6. How much info do you want?

That escalated quickly.

7. Let me pencil you in…

Got to have something to look forward to, I suppose.

8. Now that is a darn pick up line!

Tinder keeps giving us the best stuff on the internet!

9. A nice effort.

But…they’re clearly over it…

10. Cut to the chase.

Might be a gold digger.

Yeah! That’s the good stuff! The stuff that your friends will always provide… but if they don’t… we’re here for you, fam!

What’s the most ridiculous text message you’ve received lately? Today? Yesterday? Let us know!

Tell us all about it in the comments, please!