What’s the worst thing you’ve done?

Yeah, that’s bad… but have you ever wrecked a marriage?

These 10 people did and are finally admitting how they feel about it…

1. Holy sh^t! You are straight up EVIL!

Where do these people even come from?!?

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2. Yes. That is correct.

And you will reap the whirlwind someday. Soon.

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3. Ohhhh, so it’s about power is it?

But… can’t you do that with normal, single people?

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4. Just wait… it’ll catch up with you…

Don’t s**t where you eat. Also, don’t f**k where you eat. Just eat where you eat.

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5. Tell yourself any stupid story you want.

If you knowingly do this… you’re an a**hole.

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6. Yeah, that’s a good reason… NOT!

It’s not a wife’s job to “satisfy her man.” What in the world is wrong with you?

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7. You can get that kind of attention from other people…

Or get a dog. Pets can give you a lot of attention.

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8. Yes, you can stop. That’s a lie.

You ARE NOT a feminist. At all.

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9. Sometimes these relationships CAN have happy endings… but not often.

But sometimes they can. This might be one of those situations. Maybe.

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10. Somebody needs to work on their self esteem…

Boy… this one needs some therapy, stat!

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11. Yeah, it does work out sometime. Still….

… how do you know he’s not going to cheat on you? Hmmmm????

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Shocking and scandalous, no?

Just don’t become a home wrecker, please. Cool?

Do you have any stories like this? Either wrecking or being wrecked?

Let us know in the comments!