If you love jokes written by women, but you also like them to be short, sweet, and available in 280 characters or less, well, let me tell you about a little social media platform called Twitter.

These 11 women have taken their comedy game and splashed it all over Twitter, and well, you see how great the results are – just try to read through these tweets without smiling!

11. The only thing this is missing is the reaction video.

10. You’ll never go hungry again.

9. There’s no such thing as too much information if you want that armrest.


8. The rest of the day is gravy.

7. His tummy is probably upset too.

6. Agree to disagree then.

5. We all have our systems.

4. You would never make it in the wild.

3. I’m sure they’re totally up for it.

2. In this case I think you might be right.


1. This is an accurate observation wtf is going on here.


I feel more like tackling my day than ever, though I do wish I was  funnier..

Which was your favorite tweet of the bunch?

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