Why is it so hard to eat right and get off our butts to do some exercise a couple of times a week?

…..no, I’m seriously asking, y’all, because I haven’t figured it out yet.

Being an adult is super hard and all, and one of the roughest parts is being forced to make good diet and exercise decisions when you’re finally to a point in your life where you CAN just eat buffalo wings and burgers and watch Netflix all night if you WANT to.

Life is really not fair.

And these 11 memes totally get it.

11. Living your best life and then…disaster.

10. But then you wouldn’t have any friends, so…

9. I miss the good old days.

8. It’s time to eat a chicken wing. Put down the puppies.

7. Because, like I said, nothing about this is fair.

6. This is what you think about when you watch too many murder shows.

5. A lie we all tell ourselves.

4. Accurate barometer here.

3. I feel this deep in my soul.

2. Seriously what is WRONG with people?

1. I, too, only eat round foods.

I’m laughing because these are so, so true and also now I really want to eat a bag of Cheetos.

What’s the hardest part of making good decisions for you? What food is your kryptonite?

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