The way things are going in the world these days, bad news can slap you in the face before you manage to swing your feet out from under the covers. Best, then, to turn to memes if you’re looking to begin the day with a smile and a refreshed attitude, right?

If you agree, we think these 11 memes should be on your shortlist.

11. In danger of having a good time!

10. Girl, same.

9. Where my Iowans at? I’ve found your pickup line.

8. I think my husband wrote this joke.

7. Is that not right?

6. This made me laugh way too hard.

5. Everyone knows that is the limit.

4. A poem for every day.

3. I wonder what GenX grandparents will have in their houses?

2. It was such a beautiful time.

1. Midwestern manners fail.

Idk, maybe scrolling through the news isn’t the best way to start the day – who knew?

Do you have a favorite meme? Share it with us in the comments!