If you’re like me, then the only form of communication you have with your friends 90% of the time is just tagging each other in / sending each other memes back and forth.

That’s good, I assume. It’s healthy. And it’s even better when it’s between you and your BEST friend. That’s where the meme quality starts to skyrocket. That’s where things get truly great.

Enjoy these 11 great memes, and assess their worthiness to send to your own BFF.

11. Life balance

There are two wolves inside of you. Both of them are named Emily.

10. Double Trouble

I’d say so! Wouldn’t wanna get in their way!

9. Rapid response time

It’s an important metric of friendship stability.

8. The big difference

You’ll know I truly care when I start to get playfully brutal.

7. Road trip time!

You have to take turns with these things, too.

6. Smile!

How this image exists I cannot imagine but I’m so grateful that it does.

5. The reminding touch

Better than a ribbon on the finger any day.

4. The special look

Or you just know that one of you farted and the other end of the room is about to smell it.

3. The dark side and the darker side

You have two wolves inside of you. They are both total d**ks.

2. I am disappoint

Alright, pour the wine, here we go again.

1. An unstoppable force

I’m sorry, but this is for your own protection.

I’d say at least a few of those are BFF-worthy.

What’s your bestie like?

Tell us about them in the comments.