“If I had a dollar for every time a Baby Boomer complained about my generation, I’d have enough money to buy a house in the market they ruined.”

1. Shut up old person!

2. You have an INSANE amount of money and you don’t even realize it!

3. Define “joke”

4. Yeah, did you enjoy the 80s? Because we certainly didn’t!

5. Oh, boo f*cking hoo… sorry you can’t drive somewhere to buy cheap sh^t…

6. Savage

7. These f*cking people…

8. There is no logic for some boomers…

9. This!

10. Rip it up

11. This! Means! War!

And so it goes.

But hey, forward this in an email to your mom and her friends! I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of it!