You’re back for more?

Are these “so you” or are you laughing at how people just completely waste time doing nothing?

I’m in that first camp. I was a HORRIBLE student. Somehow I made it through college, but that 2.7 GPA isn’t helping me get that CEO position I’ve had my eye on.

Oh well, better look at more memes. That’ll solve the problem!

11. Nailed it.

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10. They kill me.

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9. I’m ruling out an A on this exam…

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8. Oh yeah?! Watch me… okay, you’re right.

7. It’s true.

6. Why are they called breaks? They should be called works!

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5. Me: Somehow passes anyway…

4. Because I’m a genius.

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3. I just want to be envied one time. Just once.

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2. Nice try, grownup!

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1. I’m not getting a refund this year, am I?

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Now go study!