If you’re literally always running late (like I am) then you’re probably not only running out of time, but running out of excuses to give people for WHY you ran out of time.

It’s exhausting trying to come up with new ones constantly, and some might say not worth it. Some might insist, in fact, that that effort would be better spent just *not being late* all the time.

But those people are wrong and they are quitters and you need to cut them out of your life.

Here are 11 memes to inspire new excuses for exactly why you were late this time.

11. You tried but fate is against you

There’s no playing God like that – some of us are just meant to be behind.

10. You were too busy being cool

And eating…whatever kid form of pringles those are.

9. Your car was too cold

You want me to risk my life over this? Because obviously I will.

8. You snoozed / losed

It’s not my fault, these machines are making my life too easy.

7. Because of you who are as a person

Why tap dance around this anymore? We know what’s up.

6. You have a calendar

And you like to stay consistent with it.

5. You were playing chicken

And you very much lost.

4. You did the math

There’s no getting around logic this solid.

3. You overslept

Like, way WAY over, ya dig?

2. You gotta make up time

What do you want me to show up with my actual face?

1. You spilled the tea

And had to buy some more.

I think those oughta do the trick.

What’s the most late you’ve ever been for something?

Tell us that story in the comments.