Being a nurse is an incredibly demanding job. So it’s definitely not for everyone.

These brave folks spends tons of hours on their feet, they stay up overnight, and all while dealing with sick patients, their worried family members and more. Compassion is a key part of being a nurse, and giving that much of one’s self and spirit is bound to take a lot out of people.

These people have had enough. Or they didn’t even have it in the first place.

Either way, these nurses need to get another job, pronto!

1. Fat shaming sick people?

Classy AF!

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2. This isn’t that bad.

I mean, they’re not your children. It’s okay to like people, right?

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3. Not this person says “usually”

As in… more often than usual. That’s a lot of farting!

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4. Maybe you should get some help?

Sobriety is a beautiful thing.

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5. Somebody needs to get a new career.

If you hate people… you’re not going to care if they live or die.

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6. Wait… do you mean sleep or “sleep” or…

I’m so confused.

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7. I can’t imagine this is THAT weird.

It is bound to happen.

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8. What is with this farting?!

Take some Bean-o!

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9. Well, this is just crappy.

Never do this. Ever.

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10. I doubt that’s why you ACTUALLY drink.

Time to get sober!

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So it looks like hospitals can attract some problem employees too. Not surprising, but if you find yourself in a situation like this… maybe consider a different kind of employment? Perhaps? There are a lot of other job out there, fam.

Okay, so do you have a job you hate? Or are you a nurse and hate that job?

Let us know in the comments!