I think most people would agree that the best sort of breakup is the one that’s mutual, more or less. You both knew things weren’t working, you were both aware (whether you admit it or not) that you weren’t willing to make the changes that could have made it work, and yeah, maybe it’s best you part ways.

Some people say the next best thing is to be the one who does the breaking, because it’s less emotionally awful and shocking, but I think these 11 people might disagree – they’re describing what it’s like to breakup with someone who still loves you, and it doesn’t sound pleasant at all.

11. Long distance doesn’t work for everyone.

But some people for sure can make it work.

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10. He only thinks it’s love.

And he’s definitely better off without you.

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9. Well, hopefully that’s a lesson learned.

I hope the new girlfriend is ok.

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8. Ooh a love triangle!

Anyone else feel like getting some popcorn?

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7. Sounds like OP has some issues to work out.

Good on her for working them out on her own.

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6. Well, perhaps fences could be mended.

If only a mature conversation could be achieved.

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5. Don’t cow to your family.

Unless their objections are super legitimate.

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4. I say chuck your parents and keep the guy.

Seems like a simple enough solution to me.

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3. Maybe tell him exactly that.

I can’t imagine he’d want to continue afterward.

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2. I think you just answered your own question.

It’s called talking, lady!

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1. These things really are never easy.

If you know you did the right thing, you have to move on.

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Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t think breaking up with someone you care about it easy for any of the parties involved.

Have you ever had to break it off with someone who didn’t suspect it at all? Tell us in the comments what it was like for you.