The nice thing about the Internet is it does give people a chance to really make themselves known, in both the really good ways and the really bad ways.

I’m not saying that people being this ignorant of the female anatomy is a really bad thing, but it’s close. Because imagine if even just one of these morons ran for office… and won.

Yeah, that has happened before. Guaranteed. It’s just we couldn’t go combing back through the internet to find these nuggets of dumb gold since they’ll now last forever!

Enough about all that. Let’s get this beautiful display of stupidity rolling!

11. She’s not wrong… but he definitely is.

10. This is actually true. People were scared AF of trains.

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9. Oh shut up and go to bed, Philip!

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8. Imagine having to sit next to anybody who actually believes this?

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7. Pro tip. You should def try it sometime.

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6. That escalated at lightning speed!

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5. (Oris) it?

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4. #toodumbforlife

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3. But testosterone is cool, right bro?

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2. I wonder how much cow pee this guy has consumed…

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1. Not even with the tiniest “probe”

Faith in humanity NOT restored.