These days it can seem like entitlement is everywhere you turn, with people expecting a whole lot for little (or nothing) in return. I’d even venture to say it’s one of the biggest issues people face on a daily basis when running a business, working in customer service, selling goods, or otherwise interacting with the public.

But there’s “entitled”… and then there are these 11 people. Bless their hearts… they really just seem as if they couldn’t help themselves.

You’ll see…

11. Wow, you gave him a whole 18 hours.

Advanced Choosing Beggar
byu/WanderingOwl inChoosingBeggars

10. Call me crazy, but I don’t think you’re supposed to insult a person before you try to haggle.

This crazy lady is trying to rip me off
byu/MinDinochan inChoosingBeggars

9. Offering to pay “in exposure” makes me want to slap whoever is next to me at the moment.

Paid in whatever ExposureBucks^TM are left over!
byu/SuperDeuxd inChoosingBeggars

8. This is definitely the kind of family you DON’T want to have.

Aunt doesn’t like that I asked her to pay shipping
byu/emperor_augustus_ inChoosingBeggars

7. He might have ruined her birthday, but I’m guessing having cr*ppy parents is going to ruin more than that.

I apparently singlehandedly ruined a 13 year olds birthday party
byu/nitiddesigns inChoosingBeggars

6. “I made more money when I was in jail.”

OP said $20 at first til he got roasted, then edited it to $40 (Now with everyone censored)
byu/jfivealive inChoosingBeggars

5. Ever heard the saying “beggars can’t be choosers?”

No more wire hangers?
byu/Cody_Cold_Day inChoosingBeggars

4. It seems like a good opportunity to teach your kid that life isn’t fair.

Make it fair! Her kid is crying!
byu/doc_king126 inChoosingBeggars

3. Wow she really cares about her kid.

We’ll talk about the pay when you message me…
byu/enjoy_my_jacket inChoosingBeggars

2. It takes a lot of ball$ to just ask for something for free.

CB wants free headboard, but only if it’s crushed velvet with diamonds
byu/tamaralads inChoosingBeggars

1. Will share for cash.

Image Credit: Reddit

I spent a lot of time in customer service, so can confirm these types of people exist.

Can also confirm that I’m not sorry that I have to deal with the less often in my current position – not never, though, because a**holes can pop up anywhere.

What’s your best/worst story like this? Hit us with it in the comments!