Let’s not sugarcoat it: this situation we all find ourselves in right now is totally scary and unprecedented.

And, as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. That applies for boredom and distraction as well as actually being sick, so take a few minutes out of your quarantine blues and let out a hearty laugh at these jokes.

Enjoy and be safe out there!

1. Just keep on eating…


2. Got some time to kill.

3. Time to dust it off.

4. Cabin fever.

5. Don’t hoard it!


6. All that good stuff.

7. The cat is now your enemy.

8. No need to dress up.

9. Getting dumber by the day.


10. Do whatever it takes.


11. I love this!

Laughter is good in these dark times, so let’s do our best to keep it as light as possible!

How are you holding up?

Talk to us in the comments. We’re here for you!