Have you ever thought about something and then thought, “You know, I bet I’m not alone. I’m sure somebody else in the universe has thought exactly this thought because they’ve been in exactly this situation”… or something like that?

Yeah, this is that post fam! You’ve found it! Congrats!

Because life is relatable and so are these memes.

11. What about the children?!?

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10. On the daily

9. Childhood dreams

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8. Very specific dreams, but okay

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7. Oh rats!

6. For reals

5. I win every single time.

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4. But is it?

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3. I’m so sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee…

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2. Don’t shop at Walmart

1. “Per our previous conversation, you’ll find the attached files…”

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Current thought: if I dive any deeper into my thoughts I’ll drown in deepness.

I’m dead.