It’s happened to all of us at some point: you’re looking around for something online and you find an unbelievably good deal. Maybe you hesitate for just a moment because it seems a little on the cheap side, but ultimately you just can’t pass it up. You click “buy” and a few days later there’s a package on your doorstep. A package…of disappointment.

Here are 11 hilarious examples of exactly what it looks like when what you ordered is NOT what you got.

11. All you need is glove

Why have pockets when you can grope yourself in public instead?

10. Skirting the issue

What is this? A garment for ants?

9. Revealing reviews

I can’t even read the language but I can feel the shade.

8. Ear bads

Is this so other people can hear my thoughts?

7. Pillow pals

Rest your head on a resting head resting on a head.

6. Draped in elegance

It’s smock chic.

5. Technically accurate

Yes hello, police? There’s been a mugging.

4. Hidden messages

Yeah, I wouldn’t be wearing that in public.

3. My crib

Tired of child? Why not place in cube cage?

2. Spoodermen

Does whichever the spider don’t.

1. Inflated nightmares

Quick question: why?

Gotta keep your eyes open when you’re shopping online. Sometimes there’s no preventing a bad purchase, but make sure your purchases pass the smell test before you click “buy,” it could save you a lot of heartache.

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