It seems like a simple concept: you exchange money for goods and services.

It’s how the world works. Some folks seem to have a little trouble with that concept, though.

Here are 11 people who really wanted something for free (or close to it):

1. Some friend

Obviously not!

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Selling it is greedy?!?

I’m not sure I understand this logic. Is it logic?

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. Wait, what?

Who’s wasting whose time?

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. $15 less per hour?

Why didn’t you just ask your dad in the first place?!

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Who complains about free beer?

I guess LeighA does. I bet LeighA doesn’t have a lot of friends.

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. That’s not how gift swaps work

I like how this woman signs off with a quick thank you as if that just cements the deal. Cool story, gurl!

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Who does this?

This person is SUUUUUUCCCHHHHH an a$$hole.

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Password please

At least this hacker is polite!

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. I barely know you

But yeah, we’re “friends.” Cool.

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. Bring it to me

But, I mean, it’s Craigslist, so as if this is any surprise.

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Must be in excellent condition


Photo Credit: Reddit

These beggars are seriously choosey. I mean…what are they thinking? Do they not realize that this is out on the internet for anybody to see?

Alright, it’s time to fess up… have you ever done anything like this? More likely… has anything like this ever happened to you?

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