So you’re sitting there and you just clicked this post, anticipating some tasty, thick crust deepness to present itself any second now.

You won’t be disappointed, because we’ve got some delicious AF Tumblr posts for you to chow down on. And, not surprisingly, they’re calorie free! So there’s that!

Enjoy this, my deep, deeper, deepest friends.

11. Hey, it’s not Comic Sans!

But it’s even better!

Photo Credit: Tumblr/reddit

10. “I will become the world’s greatest artist.”

And then you use it… and it’s not so good.

Photo Credit: Tumblr/reddit

9. How did they screw Sonic up so badly!?

But they DID make him better in the end!

Photo Credit: Tumblr/reddit

8. Well, it’s about time “daddy” left your vocabulary anyway

Wow… yeah… that’s kind of weird.

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7. Best. Professor. Ever.

More punctuation please!

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6. Preach sister!

When did reviews get so popular? They just ruin the actual presentation of the book!

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5. Hey, they’re still running a business.

If you can’t be a good Punisher, you don’t get the job!

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4. “Arby himself”  !!!!

I love this story. Hilarious.

Photo Credit: Tumblr/reddit

3. Oh man… can we be done with these conversations already?!

It’s easy to just sit in quarantine for a couple weeks. If you want to travel that bad, guess what? It’s required!

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2. One would think they’d be on “first lord” basis

Put seriously… can you imagine something LIVING on the back of your head? Yikes!

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1. Well, this happened.

I was today year’s old when I learned that undecillion is actually a word.

Photo Credit: Tumblr/reddit

Don’t dive too deep! You might get lost!

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