When it comes to condiments, there are two types of people: those who like to stick to the classics (ketchup on french fries, Nutella on toast, etc.) and those who like to get a little more adventurous (ketchup on everything, Nutella on EVERYTHING, etc.). If you are unsure what type of person you are, these 11 questions will help you figure it out.

Who’s hungry?

1. Ketchup on scrambled eggs?

2. Carrots in peanut butter?

3. Ranch on pizza?

4. Nutella on bacon?

5. Calamari in tartar sauce?

6. French fries in mayo?

7. Pickles in peanut butter?

8. Grape jelly on eggs?

9. Peanut butter on a burger?

10. Ketchup on mac & cheese?

Photo Credit: Instagram: @br4n.d0n

11. Honey on fried chicken?

So…what do you think? Are you a condiment risk-taker? Or do you like to play it safe?