Are you feeling a distinct lack of ability to interact with human beings lately? Has that gotten you down? Are you feeling lonely, disconnected, or awkward?

Have you recently considered just putting googly eyes on random items in your apartment so that you have something to talk to and not feel weird about it?

If so, we’re here to help.

And by “help,” we don’t really mean…help, but we do mean we’ll show you these funny tweets you might be able to relate to.

And that’s something. Right?

11. Validation station

A flood of compliments is just a few clicks away.

10. A cold day

Life on earth didn’t work out great but I think I’ll be popular here.

9. Dry spells

Overcoming this would take a superhuman effort.

8. You’re just jelly

‘Tis better to be stung by love than not to feel it at all.

7. Puppy love

The con is working just as I’d planned…

6. Sparkling conversation

Guess this is where we’re at, excitement-wise.

5. Let it go

Put your love into the universe, then prepare to face the consequences.

4. Dead poets society

Don’t over-analyze it too much.

3. Saved by savings

The determined ones will find you, wherever you are.

2. Cereal offender

When your social circles are in grocery aisles.

1. The end

Gotta walk this confusing road alone.

If you’re truly feeling lonely, we hope these funny tweets have made your day a little brighter.

And try to keep your chin up. These things don’t last forever!

How are you hanging in there these days?

Check in in the comments.