I finally took that Myers-Briggs personality test the other day after a lot of egging on from a friend of mine and it told me that I’m an INTJ which I guess means “Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging.”

Which makes sense to me. I’m pretty intuitive, especially when it comes to quickly realizing how bad I’ve screwed something up. I can’t stop myself from constant thinking, even if it’s about nothing in particular, and I’m always judging everyone.

But most of all, I am an introvert. Just as the people behind these tweets clearly are.

11. Check it out

Please don’t bring attention to me, this is the opposite of what I wanted.

10. I can dig it

It takes me about as much time to psych myself up for one anyway.


9. Pick me up

Oh, I’m sorry, you very clearly mistook the nature of this interaction.

8. Keep it cool

Ice makes drinks better and insulates the poles of our planet, let’s keep it around.

7. A celebration

It’s January 2nd, apparently. So that we can all recover from the horrors of having to attend NYE parties.

6. This rules

I’m the president and soul member.

5. Two out of three

Hey man, the system works.


4. Risk and reward

If I keep this up I may soon never have to speak to anyone again.


3. Cute but deadly

Please don’t leave me, I’m small and very afraid.

2. Generic title

Generic joke.

1. Drop the beats

And yet somehow this does not stop everyone.

Hang in there, fellow introverts. We’ll all get through this together, on our own.

How introverted are you?

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