There are lots of kinds of laughter. It varies depending on whether you’re alone or with people, how tired you are, how old you are, how you’re genetically predisposed to laugh, and of course, how funny the thing really is.

We can’t predict exactly how hard or in what manner you will laugh at these particular tweets, but if we had to guess, we’d say probably snorts across the board.

Let’s go through them now and see if we can get it right.

11. Plate tectonics

I mean, it works either way I guess.

10. Poetry in motion

I’m a poet, and I did not realize it.

9. Read the room

Yeah, I’m hot stuff, thanks for finally noticing.

8. Real contact

Oh good, it’s the feeding time again.

7. Classic

There’s another one around here somewhere, I swear.

6. Selfie mode

“You got games on your phone?”

5. Bu-nu-nu-nu-naaaaah

Half the time they couldn’t even see the dinosaurs.

4. Home grown

Oh I’m definitely still gonna make it there one day.

3. Change the game

Start screaming at the cards and we’ll talk.

2. Medical mysteries

An insurance card?

1. Stick together

If that doesn’t do it, nothing will.

So, what were your results? Did you snort? Chortle? Guffaw? LOL? LMAO? Scream? Laugh so hard that you literally died? If so, how are you still reading this?

We really need you to report your findings to us so we can put together scientific paper we’re writing about silly tweets.

So head into the comments and give us your exact reactions.

For science.