Women in America (and around the world) have been fighting for rights – including reproductive rights – for generations. It seems sometimes as if if can be two steps forward and one step back, especially lately.

If you’re curious how your average lady feels about the uphill battle, check out the thoughts of these 11 women.

11. Opinions are for everyone.

But my business is not for everyone.

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10. Rights are personal.

You don’t have to agree with someone else’s choices.

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9. It’s crazy to think about this being a modern world.

Women a hundred years ago surely thought we would be farther along by now.

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8. Affordable healthcare is sorely lacking.

And they want take away one of the only places that offers it across the country.

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7. Her reasons are her reasons.

They’re none of your business, because the consequences are also hers.

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6. We’re humans who need access to healthcare.

And we have to make choices that should be with our doctors, not our politicians.

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5. It’s crazy how hard it can be to get this done.

You basically need permissions from a man.

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4. The fear was real.

And it turned out to be very founded.

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3. Getting pregnant can be scarier than ever.

And it’s always been pretty darn daunting.

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2. The collective whining might be helpful.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all of that.

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1. It’s wild to think how it got that way.

It’s about control, not saving lives.

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I’m with these ladies on some days, but other days my rage wants to get the better of me!

How are you feeling about the fight for reproductive rights in your corner of the world? Our comments are open for your thoughts!