I think that most of us believe that our time at work is supposed to be professional. We’re not supposed to have to worry about the kind of awkwardness or cringe-worthy things that can happen around family or while out in social settings, right?

Most of us also know that’s just not always true, because human beings are human beings and well, we can’t always help ourselves when it comes to being awkward.

These 11 work meetings went awry, and since we weren’t there, it’s ok to go ahead and laugh.

11. I have a lot of questions.

What sort of emergency? Like, at work??

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10. Awkward is one word for it.

Creepy would be another, I think.

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9. Are you in middle school, sir?

So many questions for some of these people.

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8. I’m sure they had a good laugh about it later.

Probably while down the road, though.

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7. That’s a pretty big self-tell.

I have to wonder how long they worked there after that.

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6. Never go commando at work.

Lesson learned, I suppose. A hard one.

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5. Well it could be worse, I suppose.

Depending on where the button was.

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4. How could he not?

I hate when you stare and it’s awkward and you don’t notice.

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3. Ummmmm.

That’s awkward for so many reasons.

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2. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Except pretend like it’s coming from somebody else.

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1. Don’t do that stuff on your work computer!

Seriously, do people not learn their lessons?

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Y’all. I cannot with these stories. I don’t even know how I would react!

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Tell us the story in the comments.