There are legit geniuses out there and some of them even run restaurants. Because after checking out this post and the following ideas, if you’re not saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I really don’t know what to tell you.

It’s time for minds to be blown and imaginations to be inspired. For real.

Let’s go!

12. Get EXACTLY the kind of brownie you want. Because you’re worth it.

Photo Credit: longboarder116/imgur

11. Hexagonal crayons so they stay on the table. Because children.

Photo Credit: coffee-chugger/reddit

10. A place for your valuable that isn’t on the floor? LOVE!

Photo Credit: kazarnowicz/reddit

9. So you don’t have to watch when the waiter is looking your way.

Photo Credit: Costner_Facts/reddit

8. A very orderly way to dispose of your gum.

Photo Credit: Pizda-lover/reddit

7. This could literally save lives. Why isn’t this in more places?!

6. Because you don’t want to smell like medicated bubble gum while you’re eating.

Photo Credit: Allformygain/reddit

5. What holds the fry holder? The table of course!

Photo Credit: ldbriq/reddit

4. Yeah, the ketchup is ALWAYS ready. Genius!

Photo Credit: JayMoots/reddit

3. Calculator right with your bill? Yep!

2. Don’t want to chance the spice? Know what others order!

Photo Credit: nocturnalvoice/reddit

1. Your phone will NEVER get wet. Also, #dickbutt.  ?

Photo Credit: OMGLMAOWTF_com/reddit

And together, we shall change the world. One restaurant at a time.