So, do you own a restaurant? The answer is probably no. And if that’s the case, cool. You’re going to love seeing these amazing menu ideas.

However, if you DO own a restaurant… I mean… THESE ideas are AMAZING! Like, can you put them in your restaurant’s menu tomorrow? Or at least a few of them?

Come on restaurant owner reading this post, make eating out a genuine treat by surprising and delighting us with awesome ideas like this!

Thank you. I appreciate your cooperation.

1. A dessert menu in a viewfinder!

Photo Credit: LaJayee/reddit

2. This is exactly what’s in your coffee drink. You’re welcome.

Photo Credit: mister86japan/reddit

3. Got a cranky kid? Use it to your advantage.

4. A menu AND a charging station!

Photo Credit: pixelatedbeard/reddit

5. So… how tired are you? This coffee menu can help.

Photo Credit: Cry__Wolf/reddit

6. What temperature is your food? Now you know!

Photo Credit: maryjxne/reddit

7. Because the kitchen staff needs a sixer every now and again.

8. Psst… you want something special? Check this out…

Photo Credit: nosheven/reddit

9. Venn diagrams + breakfast sandwiches = FTW!

Photo Credit: opoo_mob/reddit

10. The prices of the beer change every 15 minutes based on market conditions? It’s like a beer stock exchange!

Photo Credit: JordanDryce/reddit

11. Kids actually get charged by their height instead of their age.

Photo Credit: zubie_wanders/reddit

12. What kind of drink do you want tonight? This menu tells you have adventurous you can get!

Photo Credit: kfodnes/reddit

The “Kurt Cocaine”?! Haha, okay.