We’ve got some highbrow entertainment for you today. It’s also lowbrow. And sidebrow. And…doublebrow? It’s eyebrows. The facial feature many of us don’t even think about, and some of us apparently spend a great deal of time trying to innovate. You think brows are for keeping debris out of our eyes? Think again. They’re for making statements. Big statements. Weird statements. Brow statements.

Here are twelve highbrow brows to browse.

12. Biblical proportions

Preach it, sister.

11. Stay frosty

Gym, tan, laundry, every day.

10. Along the line

I feel like he can see through my soul and I’m kind of OK with it.

9. From the block

What did your eyebrows do to deserve such censorship?

8. Shock and awe

Many in his cabinet struggle to convey human emotion.

7. Beat around the bush

That caterpillar is gonna be a beautiful butterfly someday.

6. Quick work

She look like she don’t give a damn and I support it.

5. Diabeetus

This is an owl and you can’t convince me otherwise.

4. Room to grow

At what point do eyebrows become a helmet?

3. Unfinished business

I feel like I’m about to be asked to solve a math problem.

2. Double trouble

This is how old 3D glasses worked.

1. Try angles

You look concerned. I feel concerned. This is concerning.

Truth be told, if you wanna do something wild with your eyebrows or any other part of you, go for it. Life is short. Be weird. Be you.

What’s your biggest fashion statement?

Tell us in the comments.