Dogs are man’s best friend, and if there’s one thing most of us an agree on, it’s that we definitely don’t deserve them.

They are good and pure and even though they don’t always get the love they deserve on the internet, these 12 dogs are here to make sure the canines of the world get all of the good press today.

Let’s go!

12. He just wants you to be your best self.

11. The most chill dog eva.


9. She’s ready for her closeup.

8. Yes are those for sale in human sizes?

7. Give that dog a bonus bowl of kibble.

6. Definitely worth sitting at the red.

5. She’ll find her thing. It’s not fetch, though.

4. Award winning, for sure.

3. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

2. Oh that poor sweet baby.

1. Howwwww are they doing that?

I can’t wait until another dog comes to live with our family – the sooner the better! Until then, these pups have definitely filled the void.

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