There’s a right way to start your day and there’s a wrong way.

Let’s start first with the wrong way: that entails basically anything that will put you in a bad or depressed mood. It could be reading negative stories online, getting into virtual arguments with total strangers on social media, etc.

The RIGHT way to begin your day is to do it with hilarious memes and tweets. They give you a laugh, your stress level plummets, and you’re headed in a positive direction for the rest of the day!

That’s really all you need!

Let’s head in the right direction TOGETHER today!

Have a good one!

1. Don’t ask me…

It’s gone with the wind…

Photo Credit: someecards

2. Don’t let this one get away.

Pizza rolls paired with a fine Ranch sauce.

Photo Credit: someecards

3. I learned it from you guys!

Do your parents do this? I know mine do…

4. I’d watch this show.

Oh YUCK, get rid of this couch!

5. A classic Dad joke.

Definitely one for the ages.

6. You gotta do what you gotta do.

You can’t resist the urge.

7. Yeah, you idiot!

Give it a shot and see if it works out.

8. The age-old quarrel.

Which one are you?

9. They’re all high as a kite.

Puff, puff, pass, Willie!

Photo Credit: someecards

10. Sure, you do…

A lot of people “hate country music” out there.

Photo Credit: someecards

11. Just slap it on the side.

Ask and you shall receive!

Photo Credit: someecards

12. There’s no in-between.

They love it or they just don’t get it…

Photo Credit: someecards

Now that I got a nice jolt of laughter this morning, I’m ready to take on the day!

Have you come across any really funny memes, tweets, jokes, or photos on social media lately?

If you have, please be a friend and share some of them in the comments section.

We’d love to hear from you!