College! There’s no better place to go to find yourself, do things that you wouldn’t be able to do in normal life… and maybe learn a thing or two in the process.

No, but seriously, college can be a fantastic time, and these 12 tweets prove how funny and crazy those years can be.

So let’s go to college!

1. Doesn’t work, I’ve tried

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. I understand

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. And your point is??

4. Play it cool

5. Let’s go!

6. Praise the Lord!

7. Learning a lot, actually

8. Oh? You think you fancy??

9. Why don’t you understand?!?*boolafool/status/955617232993832960

10. Time. To. Cry.

11. Thamks!

12. Ummm… hell naw

And there you have it! College in just 12 fun tweets!

Have you got a fave tweet you love about higher education? Drop it in the comments!