One of the great things about the movement to de-stigmatize mental health issues is that the jokes surrounding the topic have shifted from mocking those who experience them to expressing our own experiences more openly and commiserating with others about it through humor.

I’m no doctor or anything, but that seems a like much healthier direction for things to trend.

Here are some great tweets about keeping a sense of humor during our long rides upon the struggle bus.

12. Attack of the Clones

It takes two to terrorize.

11. I love mess

To be fair, I probably don’t need the majority of stuff I have.

10. Harry Potter and the Psychiatrist’s Stone

You’re a person, Harry.

9. Cowboy up

Good to keep the spirits up when ya can.

8. Home is where the heart is

I like this policy, it’s like a Schrödinger’s house situation.

7. Crash diet

You gotta expect the unexpected.

6. Routines are important

And everybody needs a catchphrase.

5. Down for the thread count

You better run for cover.

4. Beauty schedule

A picture is worth 1,000 weeks.

3. Catch-22

With my own powers combined, I am invincible.

2. Tomato, Tomato

Sorry I don’t know all your fancy doctor words.

1. What a trauma queen

No need to hide the truth.

Mental health is a part of who we all are. It’s alright to joke about it. But also – never be afraid to seek the care you need. Your brain is a big, beautiful, complicated thing and it deserves to be cared for.

Which tweet is the most relatable to you?

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