If there is one thing that is universally true, it’s that people love the cr*p out of Jeff Goldblum. No one knows exactly why or how it happened – it seems to have something to do with his performance in Jurassic Park – but there seems to be no real way to dislike the guy.

If another thing is true, it’s that people love Pop-Tarts, even if they lie about eating them once they’re over the age of twelve. Or maybe college.

Put the two together, and what do you get? Magic, that’s what.

I offer these 12 images as proof.

12. The Crisp Apple Goldblum

Every man should own a crisp white suit.

11. The Chocolate-Fudge Goldblum.

Very rich, I believe.


10. The S’Mores Goldblum

The perfect fireside snack.

9. The Wildlicious Wild Berry Goldblum

So snazzy and colorful.

8. The Hot Fudge Sundae Goldblum

I have no idea what he’s wearing but I’m not mad about it.

7. The Cookies and Cream Goldblum

Because this man is not afraid to make a statement.

6. The Red Velvet Goldblum

It’s everyone’s favorite flavor for a reason.

5. The Splitz Goldblum

Why have one flavor when you could have two?

4. The Team USA Goldblum

This is a very special Goldblum indeed.

3. The Watermelon Goldblum

It takes a special man to pull off that jacket.

2. The Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Goldblum

This is everyone’s favorite PopTart, but as far as Goldblum, it’s got some competition.

1. The Unfrosted Goldblum

Far more delicious than one might expect.

Have you ever seen anything so lovely in your life? I thought not.

Which is your favorite? I need to know!