2020 has brought a lot of…unexpected events. For a lot of us, one of those events was “whoops none of my clothes fit because I’ve been sitting around gaining weight for half a year, better have a pizza about it.” And you know what? Honestly? It’s fine. Things are absolutely crazy and a couple inches of waistline are not the end of the world. There’s a lot more important stuff to worry about. So rather than worry, let’s celebrate with some memes!

Here are 12 memes for those of us who can’t stop eating and kinda love it.

12. Burn baby, burn

This photo needs to be tagged for gore, honestly.

11. Diet rite

I mean, she’s not wrong.

10. Crispy puppy

I still wanna eat ’em all up.

9. Portion control

I assume that pasta fist is to punch anyone who says that’s all I can have.

8. By the numbers

If I’ve beaten the odds thus far…

7. Rebrand

It’s all about how you word it.

6. Why not both?

Don’t make me choose!

5. Wish somebody would tell me I’m fine

This song is now stuck in your head for the next three hours.

4. My kitchen, my rules

I didn’t ask you for your opinion on my eating habits, KAREN.

3. Science

Where’s the lie? Where’s the pie?

2. Expecting

I’ll go ahead and pass on the reveal party.

1. Cake roast

We’re gonna need some icing for this burn.

And with that, I’m officially hungry again. Stay safe out there, stay sane, and eat something tasty today.

What’s your favorite food right now?

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