It’s been a while since I’ve been to a modern art museum, and sometimes I wonder just how modern the art has gotten.

I mean, they keep that stuff updated right? Is there a meme wing in any of those things yet? Are rich philanthropists throwing parties to have a hall of Spongebob reactions names after them?

If not, they should be. Because memes are the greatest art of a generation.

Here are twelve random pieces to prove it.

12. Too toasty

I’m going to go cry about something unrelated now, if you don’t mind.

11. Don’t call it a comeback

Gotta stay busy somehow.

10. Mano-a-mano

That’s video game logic for ya.

9. Security measures

I guess I appreciate it?

8. The battle within

I, too, melt when I get anxious.

7. The natural order

Ding dong, your ecology is gone.

6. Love stranding

Maybe this will finally make the game fun.

5. The Dr. Seuss will see you now

Stay away from the box, stay away from the fox, go to your house and lock up all the locks!

4. Home movies

This is the episode we desperately need.

3. Strength in numbers

I can hear it in my head now.

2. Well that sucks

But why? But why? But why? But why? But why? But-

1. Hi, welcome to chilies

Never underestimate our stupidity and pain tolerance.

Absolutely inspired. A true testament not just to the internet, but to art itself.

What kind of memes do you consider to be the highest art?

Tell us in the comments.