There are some decades that are better off forgotten, some that won’t fade away even if we wanted them to, and then there’s the 80s – never better forgotten, but also, people who didn’t live through it aren’t quite sure how to handle the excess of bright colors, hairspray, and fun.

If you’re a fellow 80s baby, though, these memes are going to smell like crayons and nostalgia. Just wait and see.

12. They disintegrated a lot faster.

I don’t remember a teacher ever having to take one away, though.

11. Seeing it all in one image is pretty crazy.

Although I’m a woman so all of this doesn’t even begin to fit in my “pockets.”

10. Also, ride in the back of grandpa’s truck years old.

Ah, the wind in your hair and your siblings elbow in your ribs.

9. I like the way it used to be, honestly.

But I will never forgive my mother for perming JUST my bangs.

8. I’m not sure how healthy that made me, but.

Seriously, they were really tasty though.

7. I forgot about these until the moment I saw this picture.

And now I really, really want to find out if they still make them.

6. Soooo many lyrics we’d been singing wrong.

We could have been alternate song writers ourselves.

5. So much better than the plastic cr*p my kids play on.

Also, I feel like there would be fewer germs outside but I’m not a scientist.

4. You got that repeated busy signal and you knew you were in trouble.

Either that or someone’s older sister had taken over the phone.

3. If by “child” you mean “well into middle school,” yeah.

There was something so soothing about it.

2. And if you weren’t invited omg.

At least there wasn’t the internet to point it out and then make fun of you, too.

1. It’s how you tell the real from the F*ke.

We’re so cool, y’all. So cool.

I could look at pictures like these all day (though I refuse to tease and spray my hair ever again, sorry).

Which of these took you alllllll they way back? Tell us in the comments!